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Walpole, MA

Statement of Vision

The vision of the Walpole Trails Committee is a Town with a varied green network of well-maintained and multi-use recreation and conservation lands that connect a series of open spaces — open to the public today and always.

This vision includes providing access to the Town’s abundant forests and ponds for walking and bike trails; trails for dog walking, bird watching, and cross-country skiing; and habitat for wildlife — an open space within a 10-minute walk for every single resident to visit.
The vision includes clean water resources — rivers, ponds, streams, wetlands — for today and the future; where our ponds are available for fishing, kayaking, skating, and other passive recreational uses.

This vision includes a Walpole with a mixture of both new and old recreational opportunities; where our most significant historic, cultural, and natural resources are saved for future generations.

-Adopted by the Walpole Trails Committee on November 1, 2020

Meet the committee

The Walpole Trails Committee are volunteers that are appointed annually by the Board of Selectmen. Meet the people taking care of the trails.